Edward Knatchbull-Hugessen's Family

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John Ulick Knatchbull [6] continued.
... Victoria, elder daughter and heiress of Earl Mountbatten of Burma – Princess Elizabeth being a bridesmaid.
He has issue:
John Ulick Knatchbull

Norton Louis Philip Knatchbull. [7]
Born October 8th 1947.
Baptized in Mersham Church. Sponsors, the Crown Princess of Sweden and Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.
Norton Louis Philip Knatchbull

Michael John Ulick Knatchbull. [7]
Born 1950.
Baptized in Mersham Church. Sponsor, the Princess Elizabeth.
Michael John Ulick Knatchbull

Edward Knatchbull-Hugessen, 1st Baron Brabourne, married, secondly, June 3rd 1890, Ethel Mary, third daughter of Col. Sir George Gustavus Walker K.C.B. A.D.C. of Crawfordton, Dumfriesshire.
He died, February 6th 1893, having had issued by his second wife:
Edward Knatchbull-Hugessen

Adrian Norton Knatchbull-Hugessen. [4]
Born July 5th 1891.
Educated at Eton and McGill University, Montréal, Canada.
Admitted to the Quebec Bar and joined the firm of McDougall, Scott, Hugessen and Macklaier, in 1914.
Served in Canadian Heavy Artillery 1916–1919.

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