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[Francis William Austen's entry of five pages is transcribed in full on a separate page.]
Born April 23rd 1774 at Steventon.
Baptized at Steventon.
Account of his career from O'Byrne's Naval Biographical Dictionary:
This officer entered the Royal Naval Academy 15th April 1786; and (having attracted the particular notice of the Lords of the Admiralty by the closeness of his application and been in consequence marked out for early promotion) embarked, 23rd December 1788, as a Volunteer on board the 'Perseverance' frigate – Captain Isaac Smith, in which he proceeded to the East Indies – and there successively joined, as Midshipman, the 'Crown' of 64 guns and 'Minerva' of 38 guns – each bearing the broad pennant of the Hon. Wm. Cornwallis.
Obtaining his first commission 28th December 1792, he afterwards served on the Home station, chiefly as Senior Lieutenant, in the 'Despatch' armed brig, 'Lark' sloop, 'Andromeda' of 32 guns, 'Prince George' and 'Glory' – each of 98 guns, 'Shannon', 'Triton' and 'Seahorse' frigates and the 'London' of 98 guns; under Captains John Whitby, Thos. Le Marchant Gosselin, Josias Rowley, Wm. Ogilvy, Thos. Sotheby, Wm. Taylor, Jas. Bowen, Alex. Frazer, John Gore, Edward Jas. Foote and John Childe Purvis; until promoted to the command, 3rd February 1799, of the 'Peterel' sloop of 24 guns – including 8 carronades, and 120 men.
He had, during that period, escorted the Princess Caroline of Brunswick from Cuxhaven to England, assisted at the evacuation of Ostend and Nieuport, and been present in Sir Hugh Christian's celebrated hurricanes.

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