A. Edward Knight 1794 - 1879.

B. The Rev. Charles Edward Knight, his wife Emma Grace, and their children: Lionel Charles Edward, Henry Lewkenor, William John, George Brook, Georgina Cassandra and Richard Brodnax.

B. The Rev. Edward Bridges Knight.

B. Edward Charles Knight.

A. Elizabeth Knight, later Mrs. Rice – with her husband, Edward Royd Rice.

A. Captain Edward Bridges Rice, R.N.

A. Fanny Margaretta Rice, later Countess of Winchilsea and Nottingham.

A. The Rev. John Morland Rice.

A. Elizabeth Louisa Rice.

A. Major Charles Augustus Rice, R.E.

A. Major Cecil Rice, 72nd Foot.

A. Caroline Cassandra Rice.

A. Major Walter Brook Rice, R.A.

A. Ensign Arthur Rice, 72nd Foot.

A. The Rev. Charles Bridges Knight.

C. Contemporary Militia List, c1799; showing names of Austen, Maunde and Tilson

D. Vice-Admiral Sir Francis William Austen, K.C.B. R.N. From a Daguerreotype.

E. Vice-Admiral Sir Francis William Austen, K.C.B. R.N. From an oil painting.

I. A letter written by Admiral Sir Francis William Austen G.C.B. R.N.

F. The Rev George Austen 1812-1903.

E. Commander Herbert Grey Austen, R.N.
From an oil painting.

E. The Rev. Frederick William Austen.
From an oil painting.

D. Catherine Anne Austen, later Mrs. Hubback.
From a Miniature painted by one of her sisters, when she was about 14 years of age (c 1833).
D. Catherine Anne Austen, later Mrs. Hubback.
From a photograph taken in California.

D. John Henry Hubback, with his three eldest daughters.

G. Commander Charles John Austen, R.N. 1821-1867.
From a photograph taken at Penzance.

C. The Naval General Service medal awarded to Charles John Austen. 1821-1867.

Frances Cecilia Austen, later Mrs. Willan

Charles John Austen1855-1896

Margaret Ann Parry (Mrs. Charles John Austen)

Francis William Austen 1887-1916

Herbert Gray Austen

Coats of Arms

The Arms of Austen.

The Arms of Austen-Leigh.

The Arms of Bradford.

The Arms of Hill.

The Arms of Hubback.

The Arms of Knatchbull-Hugessen.

The Arms of Knight of Godmersham.

The Arms of Knight of Chawton.

The Arms of Lefroy.

The Arms of Purvis of Blackbrook.

The Arms of Rice of Dane Court.