Summer Reading 2014




Chapter I Elizabeth Austen and Francis Austen (pages 1-19)

Chapter II Steventon (pages 20-33)

Chapter III India and the Hancocks (pages 34-82)

Chapter IV Eliza in France, etc. 1777-86 (pages 83-119)

Chapter V Eliza in England, 1786-92 (pages 120-150)

Chapter VI Eliza in England, 1794-1802 (pages 151-178)

Chapter VII Bath, Ilchester and Taunton (pages179-219)

Chapter VIII Austens and Leighs (pages 220-254)

Chapter IX Austens and Leighs 1818-45 (pages 255-295)

Chapter X Austens and Quincys 1852-56 (pages 296-320)

Appendix I The Comte de Feuillide (pages 321-323)

Appendix II Philip Dormer Stanhope (pages 324-326)

Appendix III The Stoneleigh Inheritance (page 327)

Appendix IV James Edward Austen (pages 328-329)

Appendix V Extracts from Wills, etc. (pages 330-335)