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James Edward Austen(-Leigh.) [2] continued.
Vicar of Bray, Berkshire 1852–1874.
Assumed, by Royal Licence, January 6th, 1837, the additional name and arms of Leigh – having inherited from his Aunt, Mrs. Leigh Perrot, the property of Scarlets. This property, inherited in 1836, was sold by him in 1863.
Married, December 16th 1828, at Tring, Emma, daughter of Charles Smith of Suttons, Member of Parliament for Saltash. She died, November 10th 1876.
James Edward Austen-Leigh wrote the 'Memoir of Jane Austen', published in 1871.
He died, September 8th 1874 (Epitaph page 220) having had issue:
James Edward Austen-Leigh

Cholmeley Austen-Leigh. [3]
Born September 26th 1829 at Tring.
Educated at Winchester and Balliol College, Oxford.
Fellow of Trinity College, Oxford 1852–1864.
Barrister-at-law, Lincoln's Inn 1856.
Partner in the firm of Spottiswoode and Co. (Printers) 1863–1899.
Married, January 7th 1864, Melesina Mary, daughter of the Most Rev. Richard Chenevix Trench D.D. Dean of Westminster and later Archbishop of Dublin. She died March 2nd 1918.
[While, to an English-speaking tongue, it is more natural to say Chevenix, the name is Chenevix.]
Cholmeley Austen-Leigh died September 30th 1899, having had issue:
Cholmeley Austen-Leigh

Edward Chenevix Austen-Leigh. [4]
Born January 22nd 1865.
Educated at Eton and Trinity College, Cambridge.
Chairman of Spottiswoode and Co Ltd (later Spottiswoode ...

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