James Austen's Family

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Edward Chenevix Austen-Leigh. [4] continued.
... Ballantyne & Co. Ltd.)
Of Frog Firle, Sussex.
Married, July 12th 1904, Edith Galfrida, daughter of the Hon. Leopold and Lady Mary Fox-Powys and widow of Captain Charles Mulville. She died February 18th 1932.
Edward Chenevix Austen-Leigh died September 18th 1949, having had no issue.
Edward Chenevix Austen-Leigh

Kathleen Austen-Leigh. [4]
[Her name was in fact Katherine.]
Born June 18th 1866.
Married, March 31st, 1891, Edward Impey.
Kathleen Austen-Leigh

Emma Austen-Leigh. [4]
Born May 6th 1868.
Wrote 'Jane Austen and Steventon' and 'Jane Austen and Bath'.
Died unmarried, January 25th 1940.
Emma Austen-Leigh

Margaret Helen Austen-Leigh. [4]
Born April 22nd 1870.
Died unmarried , June 1892.
Margaret Helen Austen-Leigh

Richard Arthur Austen-Leigh. [4]
Born May 17th 1872.
Educated at Eton and King's College, Cambridge.
1st Class Classical Tripos 1894.
President of the Amateur Dramatic Company (Cambridge), 1894.
Clerk in the House of Commons 1897–1900.
Director of Spottiswoode, Ballantyne & Co. Ltd. Since 1900.

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