Akin to Jane

There are three overlapping ways to search for an
individual. The Table of Contents takes the reader
to the person listed, followed in the text in the case of
Jane's brothers, by their descendants on subsequent
pages. The second and third are full indexes, listing
everyone's name, but organized in different ways.

Table of Contents: Jane's family
and their descendants

    George and Cassandra Austen

    James Austen

    George Austen

    Edward Austen, later Knight

    Henry Thomas Austen

    Cassandra Elizabeth Austen

    Francis William Austen

    Jane Austen

    Charles John Austen

Index of people by surname

    Austen Family


    Bradford, Hill and Hubback



    Lefroy and Purvis


    Connections by Marriage

    Important note on the biographies

Full alphabetical index

    Index of All Surnames


    Joan Corder's Acknowledgements


    List of Illustrations